Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hearings and Antiques

Today I had a hearing in the a.m. that was reset to 1:30....after finishing up other "things" I had a good one and half hours to "kill"....can you say "Antique Mall?"  It was really was like vintage Halloween items were jumping into my hands...really.   You know it is bad when you are asked at checkout if you are a "dealer.'  No, I'm not and I'm not a hoarder either!  I'm a  collector!   So Judge, thanks for the extra time.   I used it wisely :)

Note to self:  Learn how to post pics on this blog!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Liberated Quiltmaking II

It's midnight and my husband (Hubs), son and FIL are at the ballgame, top of the 13th inning....I am ensconced on my couch, happily perusing my Liberated Quiltmaking II book by Gwen Marston that was delivered today...

I love this book.   She writes "I think your chances for doing something innovative, something beyond what you think  your capabilities are, improve when you plunge ahead.  Just start making something.  Make something small. Write your own rules, and don't try to be "artsy" (That won't help.)  I'm not kidding about this.  Life is short.  Do your own work, have a good time, and be nice to everybody...including yourself." (Gwen Marston, Liberated Quiltmaking II., p. 10).
Great advice for beginner's like me!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Working today? and a meeting....

My father-in-law is here for a short visit.  Yesterday he asked me if "I was going to work?"  I guess the homemade bread I made for him, the egg and onion pie I made for him, the homemade pasta sauce that I made for him, the "from scratch" blueberry muffins I made for him and the cake I made for him were not really "working"....(growl)

On a happier note, tonight was the monthly meeting for the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild.   I love this group.  It is always so exciting to see what everyone has worked on since the last meeting.  As a new quilter and sewer, it gives me alot of inspiration.

So, I have a few more days of "not working" before my FIL leaves....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My First Post

I am not really a "blog" person...but I am a "learning to quilt" person and thus a blog person.  I am amazed at the wonderful quilt blogs I have found....I am looking forward to setting up this blog and sharing my own quilt stories.