Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Doll Quilt Swap

Last night we had our first Doll Quilt Exchange with our DMQG small group.  It was so fun.  The instructions for the quilt were to make one that reflected who "you" (the sewer) are.  As we exchanged we explained our inspiration and if we had to change or improvise on our original idea.  Most of us did not end with the original idea was the case in mine....
This is my Doll Quilt:

Photo provided by Joellen at Just Say Sew

My inspiration: Redwork, vintage illustration of a child (I collect them), Mary Englebreit (black fabric); reproduction, retro fabric; puppies; primary colors (red, yellow, black) and polka dots.  I originally envisioned pin wheels around my embroidery but it proved too involved for me to I went to Plan B....

This is my quilt label.....(of course I put it on upside down!)

Here are the other quilts:

Susan's quilt ( by Joellen..

Susan's inspiration: MoMo "It's a Hoot" fabric, triangles, paper piecing, liberated square, box in box square...
Look at the quilting awesomeness!!!!

Sarah's quilt, received by Christy

Sarah's inspiration: her valentine's birthday...note the hearts, and wonkiness, black and white and rick rack, fussy cut designs of her favorite things!

Janet's quilt, received by Sarah
Janet's inspiration: her pink and green wedding :)   and daisies, applique and rick rack!
 Christy's quilt, received by Susan
Christy's inspiration: needle turn applique, batiks, hand quilting

Joellen's quilt    (received by ME!)

Joellen's inspiration: roosters, applique, 3d quilting, her connection to friends, MoMo "It's a Hoot" and polka dots! 

Notice the chicken wire quilting!

 Look at this awesome back:

I love them all....and hearing and comparing the inspiration to the finished product was sooooo enlightening! We had a great time! :)

Pam, one of our members, showed us her first finished quilt that she pieced and quilted herself using the Kate Spain Fandango....(deja vu @    It was beautiful and she did an awesome job.  Unfortunately, I don't have pics of that (Boo!).....Can you go wrong with Kate Spain fabric?  I don't think so.  We love you Kate Spain!

Girls!  I had a great time and can't wait for the February swap!

P.S.  My Santa was featured on Feeling Stitchy (blushing)...

Thursday, December 23, 2010


This photo was taken yesterday...
This is what Christmas in Texas looks like. 

Yes, my yellow rosebush is full of blooms...She certainly isn't feeling Grinchy.
Happy Holidays to all of you!

Monday, December 20, 2010


I finally bound two quilts that are Christmas presents....

 It took me longer than I thought it would but thankfully they are done. The first quilt is one that I started after my first quilt retreat.  I was sitting by Sandy   and she was using the Kate Spain Fandango fabric (as was Jenny in flannel) I was hooked.  I immediately ordered a charm pack when I got home.  I think the Amy Butler looks good with the Fandango colors.

The second quilt is for my 6'6" nephew.  It will not be big enough but it still felt like I was wrestling a bear when I was putting on the binding.

Confession:  I used my machine for both sides of the binding...I know....not the norm but I was in a hurry.  I had them both quilted by a long-arm quilter.

I have to admit that my holiday so far has resembled the portion of "It's a Wonderful Life" where George's discontent is evident....the part where he calls Uncle Billy a "silly, stupid old man," and his impatience with this children is really laughable because it feels so real....
"what do I look like, a dictionary?" 
"why do we have so many kids?"
"why do we live in this stupid town?"

I actually said out loud (three times) to my children and my husband...."I hate Christmas.".......Pathetic, I Grinchiness.......

I am trying to slow down and appreciate the season...appreciate the simple things and let go of all the "other stuff."

I will work on letting go of my Grinchiness over the next week......keep your fingers crossed! :)

For a holiday chuckle, check out this wonderful blog

Sunday, December 12, 2010


It has taken me a week to get my Christmas decorations up and out.  I don't know why Moms are required to attend sporting events (like lacrosse tournaments in Austin) when CHRISTMAS is just around the corner.  I could use an elf or two....

This is my favorite Christmas decoration:

You are saying "What the _______??""  but is.  This was made by my daughter in 2nd grade.

It reminds me more of a wonderful friend than it does of her (still love ya sweet daughter!).

I never knew that elementary school would be so rife with gossip, intrique and outright cattiness....and that was the MOMS.   Plus, some of the Moms were pushy about their role as "homeroom mom" and were disinclined to listen to any other suggestions.  The above project is an example.

Take twenty-five children in each class....add the five classes and you get 125 students (public school here).  Add the green paint and red paint, the burlap (that was not cut before time) and then add the paint that must be put on 250 hands and then each set of  hands must be placed on the burlap twice.  Oh, and their name and date put on the corner......and Merry Christmas at the top even though we were not celebrating Christmas in public most definitely was a Winter Celebration (!)

Can you imagine how messy and chaotic this project became?

Can you imagine how many times the hands did not combine with the burlap to make a wreath and had to be done again?

Can you imagine 8-year-old boys and this project?

Did I mention that I did not volunteer for this craft?

Did I mention that my sweet friend did? you can see why this hand wreath reminds me of her recounting of this ghastly still makes me laugh....hard.

So...I am almost finished decorating......

What about you? Now on to bind four worries here!