Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Last night we had our third doll quilt swap for our small group of the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild.  The challenge  was to reuse fabric in some way...

I started with these
I chose to use the light blue hexies located at the top.
This is my finished product:
Inspired by Cicely Mary Barker "Flower Fairies of the Spring."

I hated to let my Fairy Friend go....

The World is very old; but every Spring it groweth young again, and Fairies sing..

Flower gnome
I quilted the Fairy with shiny metallic embroidery thread

My label sans my name

Joellen's quilt....the flower and letters are made from an old T-shirt.

Janet's hand-pieced from Batiks she used at our last meeting..I got to take this one home!  Love that shot of red.

Sarah's dresden using vintage buttons.

Richard's made from a Crown Label bag...awesome! His quilting is pretty fabulous too.

These were made to cover an acrylic stand....all five in their glory.
If you like fairies, then you should go to Cicely Mary Barker's page....http://www.flowerfairies.com/

You will be enchanted.  I promise!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I received my doll quilt yesterday for the DSQ10 Swap...I love it.  Here are a few photos:

THE QUILT...love the polka dots, the black and red and blue...so vintage looking!






One of the fun features of this swap is that you don't know who is making your quilt.  The other fun factor is the use of "in progress" photos to show your quilt and see if your partner comments.  I nailed this one when I commented on one of her photos  that "this has to be for me!" 

Linda....thank you sooooo much!  I'm taking the quilt to my DMQG meeting on Thursday to show it off!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

DQS 10 Partner Inspiration

I recently finished my doll quilt for DQS10.  In January, this group was selected and we were given the information on our "secret partner."  My partner listed her likes as "color, innovation and creativity."  After perusing (stalking) her blog  http://www.mae-dos-muitos.blogspot.com/ ,  I was able to find out many things about her.  Her blog title "mother of many" is just an inkling of her devotion to her children.  Her blog gave me insight into her family, their trips together and things she liked.  Isabel (my partner) is located in Portugal and there were many photos of their family beach trips.  Two things that really struck me were artwork drawn by her children.

The  Family

Who could resist this sun and beach umbrella ?

From here, I made a mosaic of my "inspiration" for my partner.....

DQS 10 Partner Inspiration, originally uploaded by Retromama61.

I knew I wanted to use embroidery in my doll quilt.  Originally, I thought I would use the children's artwork as the centerpiece but, after much consideration, I thought it would seem too "folk-artish."  I had found a pattern from Floresita's website and thought it seemed somewhat "Portuguese."  Lucky for me, I had five snow days to really get a lot done on it....

I had originally planned to use Kaffe Fassett fabrics but when I saw the new "Honey Child" line from Jennifer Paganelli, then I knew it was perfect fabric.

A quilt retreat allowed me to get most of the doll quilt finished that weekend....
Quilting retreats provide so much encouragement, help and inspiration!
My initial plan was to sew the embroidery on top of the quilt in the center....but after doing so I did not like how it looked....from there I began to cut out the center of the quilt (SCARY)...my husband had to help me at this point because I began to freak out (!).
I took the quilt to Saturday Sew and got some great pointers and encouragement on finishing the quilt from other DMQG members.  Hurrah for Saturday Sew!

CASharp (who is the President of the Frisco Quilt Guild said  "The back is amazing too!! The beautiful princess danced all night in a pink twirly skirt. Twirling and swirling until she wore out her slippers and fell fast asleep in her bed under the lillies of the valley."...I love that imagery!!! :)

After finishing the label on the back (embroidered on a quick trip to Waco with hubs)...I was able to work on the "extras" to include in the quilt....my favorite...the "family" pillow.....

Look familiar?

Sweet Family

Do you recognize the sun and beach umbrella?

Pillow back

I also included a few other "extras"

The goodies

Toys for the children

 A Portugal kitchen towel found in a Plano thrift store?!

And so..the package was mailed and has been received.  My partner Isabel has left me the loveliest messages...one of which I include below:

"I received a real tresor yesterday! Angie (retromama61) send me a box of jewels on it. The doll quilt is amazing, and colorfoul, and creative and every thin I love on it.
I'm specially happy with the pillow that she made for us, catching a picture from the children about our family. It was the most beautiful thing that I ever seen on my life from a person that don't really know us. Thank you, dear Angie. You are a very generous person! I'm so glad you are my secret swaper.
The kids play all night with the toys she send with and I can't wait to make something beautifuil with the extra fabric.
Love you!

I soooo enjoyed making this quilt and pillow and participating in this swap.  What a fun experience it has been!!!  Now...I am waiting (im)patiently for MY quilt to arrive from my secret partner...I'll keep you posted!!