Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Last night we had our third doll quilt swap for our small group of the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild.  The challenge  was to reuse fabric in some way...

I started with these
I chose to use the light blue hexies located at the top.
This is my finished product:
Inspired by Cicely Mary Barker "Flower Fairies of the Spring."

I hated to let my Fairy Friend go....

The World is very old; but every Spring it groweth young again, and Fairies sing..

Flower gnome
I quilted the Fairy with shiny metallic embroidery thread

My label sans my name

Joellen's quilt....the flower and letters are made from an old T-shirt.

Janet's hand-pieced from Batiks she used at our last meeting..I got to take this one home!  Love that shot of red.

Sarah's dresden using vintage buttons.

Richard's made from a Crown Label bag...awesome! His quilting is pretty fabulous too.

These were made to cover an acrylic stand....all five in their glory.
If you like fairies, then you should go to Cicely Mary Barker's page....http://www.flowerfairies.com/

You will be enchanted.  I promise!


  1. What a fun night!! It always amazes me how different everyone's swaps turn out. I am definitely going to make more of these.

  2. It was fun! I always look forward to this meeting!

  3. What a fun idea (you know how I love reusing fabric), and the quilts are so cute and clever.