Saturday, October 16, 2010


My "piecing" of the table topper was to quilt.  I am new to quilting as in I HAVE NEVER QUILTED ANYTHING BEFORE.  Time to jump in...but I should quilt something small first.  There are so many blogs out there to help new quilters... I especially liked Tall Grass Prairie Studio (what a wonderful quilter and provides such encouragement and inspiration!);  Oh Fransson; Anyone Can Quilt; Stop Staring and Start Sewing; Posie Gets Cozy; Fresh Squeezed Fabrics; Sew Mama Sew and many others. 

I better quilt something before I try to tackle the topper.  I whipped up a mug rug (I love this Martinque fabric)

O.K.  I know how to put on the walking foot...that's good.  I have a free motion foot... that's good. am I going to quilt my table topper?  The idea that kept coming to me was a spider web....I searched for images of spider webs and began to play around with the idea in my head.

The next morning....I took the topper and drew (with my blue disappearing marker) the spider web (on husb's big poker table but don't tell him)

Now to cut my backing fabric........oops.....too short.....time to recut my backing fabric......

Time to cut my batting (Warm and Natural) is a little messy.

Time to make the quilt sandwich.....oops....
Time to make the quilt sandwich......oops...
Time to make the quilt sandwich......oops....I feel like I am making a quilt thanksgiving meal rather than a sandwich.  I  DO NOT like this part.

OK...put on my walking foot and here with go....oops broken needle number one we go.....oops broken needle number two....time to use the right size needle
And we are OFF....hey  I'M QUILTING!!! I'M QUILTING!!!!

It reminds me of What About Bob and sailing....'I'm Sailing, I'm Sailing!!"

 This is actually going pretty well...I am 1/2 way through....break time.....

Back to it....almost through.  I decide to check the back side...MOTHER OF PEARL....what the heck??
It looks like all the quilting I've done since the break doesn't look as good as the first part.  Oh wait...when I turned the machine back on it didn't go to the settings I had for tension and stitch length...grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Time to RIP OUT ALL OF THOSE STITCHES....grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

Time to start again!

I never expected to enjoy the quilting aspect so much....the feel of the fabric with the batting.....positively yummy.  And there is certainly a quilting zone you enter.....

Everything is quilted.  Now time for the binding!!!  Probably the one thing I disliked throughout the whole process.  Since I don't know how to sew, I don't know how to hand sew binding on the back.  I ended up  using a blanket hand stitch which was fine for this project...not so much for the next.  Plus, I am pretty sure my binding should also show on the front and mine didn't....oh is the finished project.

Hub's quilting effort shown above

Positive:  I love the way it looks on the front...almost exactly like I envisioned
Negative: The back (since it is on a neutral fabric) shows ALL quilting mishaps.  It looks like my spider took a hit of acid before she started spinning....or she is Charlotte's crack whore sister, Charlene.
But hey, I was able to quilt it and that feels great!

Do you think Gwen would approve?  or Jacquie (Miss Tall Grass Prairie)?


  1. angie,
    unless you're crawling under your tablerunner on a regular basis, don't worry about the back right now...that will come! congratulations!! way to stick with it and just do it. now, on to the next one, right?

  2. I LOVED it :) Of course I love all your stuff!!