Friday, February 18, 2011

Beauty in the Everyday

I was recently reminded of how everyday things can be beautiful.  I go through this McDonalds daily for my large Diet Coke...this is the image I see as I drive up....not much to it, right?

But then, as I am driving out of the parking lot onto the side street, this is what I see
and a few days later again.....

Sweet old you brighten my day.  Can't wait to use that color in my house!

And in a week that has given us this

and this

I was so thankful to see these two angels yesterday on Oprah

A friend posted one of their quotes on Facebook..."everybody is God's somebody."  They are 82-years-old and as beautiful on the inside as on the outside! Thank you twins Ellen and Helen for showing us the goodness that does exist in  this world.

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