Tuesday, March 1, 2011


We recently participated in our Doll Quilt Swap for our friendship group through the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild.  Our theme was Valentine's day and  here are the results:

My Quilt..quilted with Perle Cotton...inspiration taken fromhttp://qisforquilter.com/2010/10/bloggers-quilt-festival-emilys-bride-quilt/

My Label

Joellen's Quilt-full of texture!

Joellen's label

Kristie's quilt

Kristie's label

Pam's quilt - paper pieced!

Pam's back- awesome!

Susan's quilt - made with binding strips!

Susan's quilt back

Janet's quilt that had awesome beading and ribbon outlining the heart!

Sarah's quilt - also paper pieced...I got to take this one home :)

I have also been busy working on my Doll Quilt for DQS10...this is the progress I have made so far:

Halfway there

Sewing them all together

The quilt back...love this fabric and color!
Now I'm off to do "real" work...wouldn't life be grand if we only had to work on our quilts?!


  1. I love that doll quilt! I must try this soon!

  2. I am flattered that I was the inspiration for your adorable heart quilt. I love it, and the pearl cotton quilting is so perfect!

  3. Thank you Martha. I love your blog...you are always an inspiration. I can't imagine completing an entire quilt with those hearts! Yours is beautiful.