Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Every year at this time,  I bemoan the fact that I never planted a tulip tree.  This photo was taken last year in East Texas when I was visiting my parents.  This tree is absolutely drop dead gorgeous at this time of year.....why didn't I plant one?!!!

This week is Spring Break for my is in Colorado skiing and one is on one endless trip to Six Flags, spending the night, going to play putt putt, etc...he only needs money and he is fine.  I am celebrating the mundane in my life right now.  After watching the news and seeing the devastation in Japan, I appreciate the mundane.  Using the lemon oil to clean my out closets, mopping the floor...I appreciate it all.   I rode to Waco with the Hubs on Sunday...he had some work to do and I was able to embroidery my quilt label for DQGS10... a perfectly mundane day.  I loved it.

Finally...I am looking forward to Saturday when all of us will be together...
Father's Day 2010

The Boss

Hoping all of you are appreciating your mundane!

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