Sunday, October 9, 2011


WOW...I can't believe it has been a month since I last posted.  It has been a little crazy here with my "real" job.  I have a big (it may have a 5 and an 0 in it) birthday on the horizon.  To ease my pain, I commissioned a doll quilt to be made by Carol (mamacjt)

I became familiar with her work in the doll swaps in which I have been a participant.  She is soooo talented!  Check out her work here

She is also well-liked...a group of quilters recently finished a quilt for her...check it out here
I am totally in awe of her talent....she makes everything look effortless!

Here is the quilt she made me!

No dark circles...I wish I really did look this fresh faced!

I have changed my hair color since this was made LOL!  I would totally wear a necklace like that!

She did a great job of smoothing my wrinkles, getting rid of my dark under eye circles, deleting my double chin....I feel like I have been airbrushed!
Thank you so much Carol!  I love it...I love all of your work!
In sending me the quilt, you said "I hope you love yourself" and I can say "I do! I do!"

Halloween is just around the corner....I love October especially Halloween!  Here is a mug rug I made for a swap which was mailed on Friday....
Scrappy Pumpkin

My Label on the back

Other goodies sent for my partner
Now...I'm off to finish my 2nd mug rug for our DMQG meeting on Thursday...and I have a Doll Quilt that must be mailed by the 23rd...Yikes!

Finally...I think my husband has brainwashed our dog! 

Go Buffalo Bills!


  1. Oh Angie, you are too kind. I loved every minute I worked on "you". I never made a birthday girl before......and I hope yours is super happy!

  2. Happy Birthday!! You look amazing, in life and in the quilt, and I can totally see you wearing that necklace!!!!
    Your mug rug is great, too!