Sunday, November 28, 2010


I live in "the metroplex,"  as in Dallas/Fort Worth area.  I have lived here for 22 years.  I grew up in a small town in East Texas...we had three corner Drug Stores...all with "soda fountains."   I would order something from the drug store and say "charge it to my Daddy."  We had one movie theatre...The State Theatre.  My parents were certainly not rich but my Dad always worked hard and I can't ever remember needing was an idyllic life in many ways....

After working in the DFW area for a few years and in the area of the criminal justice system, I began to see the  sordid side of things...and to tire of it too.  One day, as I was taking my young six year-old son (about eleven years ago) to the Doctor, we were stuck in traffic.  My son, looking at a billboard, said "Mom, what does (spelling out)  C-O-N-D-O-M-S to go mean?"  Like a good Mom, I said "I don't know" and turned up Radio Disney.

That is when I realized I was living in Pottersville:

 From the classic, It's A Wonderful Life, Pottersville is the town that George Bailey returns to after he has "never been born."  Pottersville is a town where
Uncle Billy is a lunatic, George's Mom runs a boarding house, his younger brother dies at age 9, Bert and Ernie have failed marriages, Violet is a hooker and Mary is, gasp, a librarian.

Pottersville is a horrible place and that was by 1946 standards!  I don't want to live there...I want to live here:

While I fail miserably on so many levels...I try to adhere to the spirit of Bedford Falls....honesty, decency, helping a neighbor or friend, taking care of my family....Lassoing the Moon....So, in this Advent season, I will work in that spirit....and search for Zuzu's petals!

P.S.  I hear this guy is coming to town!

 Redwork Santa completed over Thanksgiving and soon to be a Christmas gift.

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  1. I love that movie! There's a town not too far from me (Seneca Falls, NY) that claims it is the model for Bedford Falls. There's not a lot of evidence to support that, but it's a nice little town anyway. (And there are no condom billboards there, at least as far as I know!)