Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I can blog about Halloween now since the weather finally feels like Halloween here!  Today was a high in the 50's and rainy....

Sooooo....Halloween day was really really warm but I'm glad I made the effort to decorate as we had so many trick or treaters.  They were so cute.

My favorite Halloween was when I was about seven.  A neighbor friend had a party that included bobbing for apples and other Halloween games.  His Dad told a spooky story and held a flashlight under his face....SCARY!  I was  a princess (original, I know).  My costume consisted of my Aunt's pink prom dress (circa 1963).  My Mom made my crown and sceptor out of aluminum foil (remember, no Party City at that time).  Of course we went trick or treating before the party.  My favorite house was Mrs. Wimberly, she made homemade popcorn balls. YUM.

I related that story last year to a client's grandparents after Grandma told me she made homemade popcorn balls each year for Halloween.  And today who showed up at my front door but Grandpa delivering his wife's homemade popcorn balls?!  It seems they didn't forget how much I loved them!  How sweet, wonderful is that?  I popped one in my mouth as soon as I could get it unwrapped! DELISH!

I have also been watching posts of Quilt Market.  My favorite so far is Tula Pink's Parisville


I can't wait to get my hands on this! 

Finally, election day.  Hubs and I voted this morning...I hope all of you did as well. 

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