Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Birdie Stitches Block

I finally finished my block for Birdie daughter had a semi "medical emergency" which entailed picking her up from college, visit to the doctor, visit to a general surgeon, visit to pharmacy....I had alot of "sitting around and waiting" which gave me the opportunity to finish it.  I'm not too happy with the stitches....they seem a little heavy but considering my frame of mind (at the time) that is understandable.  This is the same daughter that I thought was being "lazy" over Christmas break...then we found out she had mono....oops(!).  More mommy guilt for me.

I also have a new quilt in the works with Sherbet Pips.  The top is almost done...
and I have an idea for the use of my Parisville fabric....oh baby!  More on that later!

Finally....I posted about the blind quilter recently.  Watching her work was amazing.  Considering how hard I think sewing can be..(threading the needle and the machine).....geez she does it all BLIND!  What an inspiration.

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  1. Very cute! How lucky that you had your project to work on, such a comfort, and helps the time pass without quite so much worry. Hope that your daughter is on the mend!