Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My sister and my two great-nieces were here for the past week.  Don't be fooled by their angelic faces

Mischief is formulating......

We spent the week swimming, swimming and swimming.....visiting great-grandparents in East Texas.....watching their Aunt (me)  get a ticket in a small Texas town and then get stopped and receive a warning ten minutes later (oops)....watching an IMAX movie (Under the Deep) and getting wigged out by the trailer for "Tornado Alley"...getting to see "Mr. Poppers Penguins" and then watching a real life penguin drama on the news

We had our own animal drama here as this morning we found a baby duck swimming in our pool.

What fun he was to watch ...diving and swimming...and the sweetest little quacks...precious! I was afraid that it would get too hot for him today (over 100 is the estimate) so I had to call animal control.  The AC officer said that he would have probably drowned if I hadn't.  Goodbye sweet little duck!

In all of this....I was able to only finish two blocks for my FWQ (a third was a complete failure)....
Need to add basket top

Summer is certainly here....thank goodness for air conditioning....sweet reason to sew!

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