Thursday, June 23, 2011

THE FARMER AND THE HELL or If everyone jumped off a bridge......

I am a person that is not usually swayed by the to "keep my own counsel"....look at the "big picture"  BUT when is comes to fabric, quilting, sewing...I am easily influenced as in "if they all jumped off a bridge would you do the same?"  YES, yes I would!

I drank the Kool Aid...I am trying my hand at the Farmers Wife Quilt Along

While I am not particularly drawn to the original colors in the book...this blog totally inspired me........

Love her fabric choices!  I also joined the Yahoo group which has the foundation paper piecing templates available...

  Yes, I am paper piecing my blocks.....Why, no, I have never paper pieced you know  why my Farmer is also associated with Hell...

Here are my finished blocks.....

Three down....only 108 to go!!!!!

Be forewarned....they are addicting.  Just remember, I told you so!


  1. I drank the Kool-Aid too, Angie! I've got six blocks done, but I haven't blogged them yet. I can't wait to see yours in person; they are really cute!

  2. Thanks Lisa!
    Melanie...I can't wait to see yours! I am visiting family right now so no sewing for me...I'll have to catch up when I get back.

  3. I love that phrase, 'drank the kool-aid'. I think it describes everyone perfectly. Your blocks look so pretty and fresh. They are very addicting! I told myself I would only work on 2 blocks a week. That's not working out. I can't stop making them. I hope you have fun!

  4. I love your blocks. I chose not to paper piece because I'm pretty sure I'd rip my hair out just a little with each block :)